Are Schwinn or Huffy Bikes Better? (Quick Answer!)

2022-10-22  •  

Schwinn and huffy bikes are usually the first bikes you see when you google "bikes for sale". But which one is better? Simple answer: both are BAD!

Schwinn Logo on a Bike Frame

Schwinn Logo on a Bike Frame

Why? Because they're made of cheap materials that won't last, and they don't ride well. Yes, that goes for both brands, at the price point those bikes are offered, there is practically no difference in the quality of parts they use. Simply put, the frame, wheels, brakes, and so on will be of the LOWEST quality possible. Which of course shouldn't be surprising considering those bikes are always on "sale" and go for 100-250 dollars depending on the model.

Below I will try to summarize the issues you SHOULD expect if buying one of those bike brands. Both brands face the same issues, so I won't be listing the issues for each brand separately.

Let's get started!

Starting with the frame material, both brands use cheap aluminum alloy or steel. The bikes are very heavy and clunky. Of course, usually, the frame is the last thing to fail, but experienced bike shop mechanics report that they see a very high number of cracked frames from these two brands.

Department store bikes are usually equipped with cheap single-walled aluminum wheels, which have a very short lifespan. Even if you are not heavily using the bike, you can expect to face some issues with them after 4-6 months of riding. Bike mechanics report that even NEW Schwinns and Huffys come with low or NO tension on the spokes.

Brakes are always the biggest complaint with those brands. Just go to amazon or another department store and check the reviews, it is always the same issue: "Brakes are kinda worthless", "I adjusted the brakes and they are still weak" and so on. There is no doubt you will have to adjust the brakes as soon as you receive the bike, and will constantly have an issue with brakes sticking, rubbing, or simply not providing enough stopping power.

Shifters and gearset, as you can already guess, yes... Cheap low-quality flimsy plastic. Grip shifts are often prone to failure, getting jammed and laughably hard to service. Derailleurs are always requiring adjustments or the shifting won't be smooth as it should be.


If you are looking for a quality bike that will last and provide years of riding pleasure I would recommend getting a used bike off craigslist or Facebook marketplace, look for Trek, Giant, or Specialized. Or even buy new, if you don't mind spending 2-3x what a new Huffy or Schwinn costs.

Of course, if you are looking for a "disposable" bike, that you will use for a few months and then replace with a new one, those two brands will work just fine. Just know what you are getting into and don't expect smooth shifting, a lightweight frame, or good brakes.