Mongoose Malus vs Dolomite

2022-10-22  •  

Mongoose Malus and Dolomite are two popular fat tire mountain bikes. Both have their pros and cons, so it's important to know which one is right for you before making a purchase. Here's a quick overview of each bike to help you decide.

Mongoose Malus vs Dolomite

Mongoose Malus vs Dolomite

Quick Answer:

Both bikes are outdated. Dolomite is much heavier affecting riding experience negatively. Both bikes can be cheaply upgraded, and most buyers go this route. A better idea would be to look at Mongoose Argus ST 26, which is the same price as Malus, but a much better modern fat tire bike.

First of all, the main thing that is immediately obvious looking at the specs of those bikes is the very noticeable weight difference.

Dolomite - 52 lbs or 23.5 kgs
Malus - 37 lbs or 17 kgs

(15 lbs / 6.5 kgs difference!)

This is a significant weight difference and will have an effect on the handling and riding characteristics of the bikes. The weight difference comes from the fact that Dolomite wheels are made from cheap solid alloy and not drilled, while Malus at least offers drilled rims.

Looking at the other specs, there is not a lot that differentiates those two mongoose bikes. Both have 21 speeds, both use Shimano derailleurs and both have steel frames. So not much of a difference there.

Basically, Malus is just a slightly upgraded version of Dolomite but comes at about 2x the price, which does not seem like a very good deal considering the upgrades are pretty minor.

Another thing to consider is the possibility of upgrades, you can find plenty of videos on youtube of people upgrading their mongoose Dolomite bikes with better parts, which always comes out cheaper than buying a better bike outright, like Malus.

To sum it all up, both bikes are somewhat outdated, and they aren't even listed on the original Mongoose website, because their current flagship fat tire bike is the Argus which comes in various models. The most comparable one is Argus ST 26, which is sold at around $400, about the same as the Malus and Argus ST 26 would be without a doubt a much better choice than the other two we discussed.